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OBJECTIVE: Promote the movement on pages AMADO Gravagno, PAULINA Gravagno, FERNANDO Xulián, and the blog AMADOGRAVAGNOMUNECASDEPORCELANA. Also promote the sale of our articles.
PRIZE: A doll from the list of those mentioned below the article.
Anyone in the world who follow the rules may participate:

1 - The participants should share in their own facebook biography (public option) the promo image and tag 5 Facebook friends. The photo labeled in each biography must remain during the evolution of the contest cause we will corroborate that the five biographies have the requested image. It is convenient that the participants asks their friends to conserve the tags and the images until September 21 to avoid disappointment.
If the winner does not complete those conditions a new draw will be made. It is useless to mention the names in the photo description, you have to use the option "tag photo" on facebook.

2 - There will be time to send the message asking for number 5 labels until the 19th of September to 24 hours after which no more entries will be accepted.
3 - It should send a message with 5 labels at the face FERNANDO Xulián who will respond in the following days with a number in order of arrival to participate.

4 - Each participant can get several numbers as long as people labeled and are published the day after the draw on September 20 as clarified in paragraph 1 is not repeated.
5 - The draw will be made taking into account the first National Lottery Predictor for first location, the 20th of September at 11:30 am that day . If not would bypass, is taken as the reference the following business day.
6 - From the amount of completed numbers that are expected for Draw (9999) will be given by the quota closed. If the amount of numbers there were to cover the entire quota and the first issue of the series (there are 20 numbers) is not compatible with the following as delivered winning number was taken. Example, if the last number handed out the 0279 (the last three digits will be taken as valid number that comes between 1 and 279) and if the winning number was 1379 Predictor, the next issue would be taken to determine the winner since the last three figures exceed the above number. If the number was 1226, the winner will be the 0226.
7 - The shipping will be done in the days of the draw and will be free of charge, to any part of Argentina and foreign countries, by OCA (a branch) for shipping and ARGENTINE National MAIL to ship abroad. When ordering a different means of shipping, this will run by the winner.
8 - For the duration of the contest were to give 10% discount for buying up stock, provided that specific request. This gratification will be valid only until the day September 19.
9 - Options Award: Geisha, Princess, odalisque, Fairie, little gypsy dancer.

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